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A Latin band of all Asian musicians. Sabor Asi is also a new concept Latin music band based in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, has a very special style and musical taste. A unique and exciting music band that will surely get you moving with the rhythm.

Musicians in Bangkok are always doing covers of popular songs. Therefore, it is a normal custom in Bangkok. But Sabor Asi has something else in mind. For instance, doing covers of popular songs. But in a different style. Sabor Asi is certainly something new. Hence, “The New Retro”.

Don’t miss Sabor Asi if you also like to listen to a Latin music band in Bangkok. They certainly are a happy group of Asian musicians. And also passionate about traditional and contemporary Latin music. The band members come from different musical backgrounds. As a result, Sabor Asi plays a wide variety of musical genres. Starting from Jazz to Pop. They also have a unique sound and musical style that would make your feet move to the groove.

The Birth of a Latin Band

Sabor Asi was founded by Billy Alcordo. A Filipino musician. Because of his 8 years of experience playing Traditional Latin music with a Cuban Band from Cuba, he was able to bring the band together.

As a Latin music band, Sabor Asi has unique qualities unlike other Latin bands in Bangkok. Firstly, they do their own renditions and interpretations of past popular international songs. Secondly, they take a cover song and always make it their own with an exciting Latin flavor. Above all, they also do their own original compositions.

The Performance

Firstly, the main objective is to give the audience a taste of a new musical flavor. In other words, fresh renditions of old and new popular songs. Rather than doing exact copies of popular songs, Sabor Asi makes them into a whole new musical experience. It would certainly be a challenge. But, without challenge, there will be no improvement.

Music & Rhythm is the universal language of the soul. It is the power and beauty that makes us who we are todayā€¯

Sabor Asi

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